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Lieutenant Aoba Suzukaze

Name Aoba Suzukaze

Position Chief Operations Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 26

Physical Appearance

Height 5'3"
Weight 120lbs
Hair Color Purple
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Aoba being from Japan has distinguished Japanese facial features. She also keep her hair at a reasonable length. She is a light build, but is quick and agile on her feet. She likes to keep herself clean and tidy at all times and likes to look professional.


Father Shiro Suzukaze
Mother Hinata Suzukaze
Other Family Grandparents on both Paternal and Maternal sides.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Aoba has a fairly light build. She is average height for her age. She has unusual light purple hair that is generated through a rogue genetic fault which she hasn't had corrected. She see's her hair as a feature point and always brings around a conversation.

As a person she is usually kind and caring and is dedicated to her work. She see's herself as a motivated person. She can be a bit clumsy at times and sometimes can come across as a little "ditzy".
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths include:
+ Starship Computer Operations
+ Quick thinking
+ Good working with deadlines.

- Can be clumsy
- Can be a bit ditzy
- Can get distracted at times.
Ambitions Aoba's ambitions are quite simple. She wants to do her job to the best she can and raise up the ladder at the moment. One day she wants to start a family, but she hasn't yet met the right person so at the moment she is focusing on her career and herself.
Hobbies & Interests Hobbies and Interests Include
+ Computer games
+ Holographic Novel Writing/Programming
+ Drawing
+ Computer programming

Personal History Aoba born in Japan spent most of her youth as a normal child, brought up around computers and technology. She had a fairly average upbringing. Living in Tokyo, she was always on the front lines when it came to technology, so she was always upto date.

She graduated high school with good grades, and a distinction in computer sciences. She wanted to explore more and do more with technology. So at age eighteen she applied to go into Starfleet Academy. She passed the entrance exam and soon found herself jetting off to Starfleet Academy.

Aoba enjoyed her time at the Academy, she loved playing with computers and chose to specialise in Starship Operations and minor in Engineering and Starship repairs. She graduated from the Academy four years later with a distinction in Computer Operations and a high pass in Engineering.

With the rank of Ensign she was assigned to the USS Neptune as a Junior Operations officer a refit Excelsior Class Starship. She put all of her effort into doing her job on the Neptune and soon after one year found herself up for a promotion.

She was promoted upto the rank of Lieutenant Junior Grade and replaced the old Assistant Chief Operations officer. There she became close to the ships Chief Operations Officer Timothy Keller and the two of them became friends.

The next three years went smoothly for Aoba. She was tutored closely by Timothy and he helped her understand all the fine details of Starship Operations.

After three years Aoba was surprised to be approached by the Captain of the Neptune. He wanted her to do well and had heard of a position she could find challenging. The USS Lantau needed a good operations officer and he believed she could pull it off. Aoba applied and was shocked and surprised that she got the position.
Service Record Starfleet Academy [Operations Programme Cadet, 1-4 years]
USS Neptune [Ensign - Operations Officer]
USS Neptune [Lieutenant Junior Grade - Assistant Chief Operations Officer]
USS Lantau [Lieutenant - Chief Operations Officer]