USS Lantau

Captain's Log 1.2

Posted on Tue Aug 28th, 2018 @ 9:25pm by Lieutenant Hayden Foxwell

Captain's Log supplimental,

The away teams have returned from the USS CLip and have begun their own investigations into what happened to the ship and crew. I myself have gone over tthe Clips Captain's logs but I have also enlisted the help of Commander Kerr to assist me in figuring out the logs and if their are any clues that the captain may have given.

I have scheduled a staff meeting at 0700 tomorrow morning to gather all the information from every consevable resource and to see where we all stand.

On a more positive note I have just received a communique from Admiral Thompson that a few promotions have been handed out to a few commanding Officer's and my name was among them. As of now I have been promoted to Fleet Captain of Task Force 37. I have sent a response back to the Admiral thanking him for the oppertunity and the promotion.


End Log

Fleet Captain Evelynn Haught
Task Force Commanding Officer TF 37
USS Lantau Commanding Officer