USS Lantau
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Posted on Tue Jan 7th, 2020 @ 5:14pm by Lieutenant Commander J'Loni Mo'Bri & Lieutenant Jaton Alyl & Ensign Rostra Tang

Mission: Side Posts

Jaton emerged from the hamam, feeling quite refreshed and at the same time rather peckish. He looked out the window and saw that the light was still waning. He’d have to wait a little longer for the iftar to start. “Just enough time,” he said, “to find myself a new nazar.”

J'Loni came from the haman with a very calm mind and surprisingly refreshed. She saw that the daylight was dissipating and decided to go looking for Jaton.

Seeing him finally, she waved at him, "Jaton, wait up!", J'Loni shouted.

Jaton had found an amiable enough merchant that was selling nazar charms and other such knickknacks. "Şunu küçük şurada ne kadar?" he asked.

"8 kuruş, efendim."

"Of, şu çok pahalıdır ya!"

It was at this point he heard J'Loni coming up. He looked in her direction and waved her over.

"Hey what are these little trinkets?", she asked.

Rostra opted to skip the public bath. Not that she'd really know what to look at on nude Single-Instance life, but still it was .... awkward to think about. That blush returned to her ears, and she decided to walk and look at the architecture and some of the market wares to distract herself from thinking about it. When she saw Jaton and J'Loni emerge, she made her way over to the pair.

"Hey. Thought I lost you two in there." she said with a giggle.

"Not a chance Rostra, I loved the bath. Very invigorating", J'Loni said smiling.

"Don't get me wrong, I love a good bath. Just, well, while I'm curious about the intricacies of Single-Instance life, I'm not THAT curious." she giggled, though the insides of her ears reddened a bit at the signs of a blush.

"I did have a good time though. It was a unique experience.", J'Loni said.

"I... I can only imagine." one commented, while the other started to look around for anything... ANYTHING... to change the subject.

"Jaton, what shall we do next? I am in the mood for maybe some dancing?", J'Loni asked quickly getting the hint from Rostra.

Jaton turned his attention away from the merchant for a moment. "Well, at the moment I'm trying to buy a new nazar before the feast. My old one broke during a scrape with the Jenarri several months ago. And then I'll get some dates for us before sunset." And just to show he hadn't lost interest, he turned back to the merchant again. "3 kuruş son teklifimdir."

The merchant laughed slightly. "Hah, tamam. You drive a hard bargain, my friend." Jaton handed him three coins and the merchant gave him a small blue glass charm with an eye painted on it.

"Ooohhhh Jaton....that is beautiful. What is it? A good luck charm?", J'Loni asked. She didn't dare touch it cause it looked very delicate.

"In a way." He took the string hanging from the glass disc and tied it onto his belt. "It's called a nazar, or an evil eye. You keep it with you and it protects you, and when it breaks that means that it's done its job and protected you from some sort of calamity. My host family in Kayseri gave me one when I was studying there, but it recently broke during a fight that we got into on my last ship against the Jenarri."

"Against the who?......Jenarri?.....Who are they?", J'Loni queried. "Never heard of them. Are they a new race we never met?", she asked curiously.

"I've read some of the reports. I'm sorry you had to deal with that." Rostra mentioned, concern in her voice.

"Jaton, who are the Jenarri?", J'Loni asked softly.

"They're a vaguely Vulcanoid species. Very xenophobic. They've been steadily expanding since they first achieved warp drive in the 19th century and have now come into contact with the Fed: eration. There have been more than a few... scuffles."

"Ah.....ok I see but I do think it is time to head back to the ship. I believe we are scheduled to leave soon," J'Loni said as she turned to head back.


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