USS Lantau
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Posted on Thu Jan 2nd, 2020 @ 7:39pm by Lieutenant Commander J'Loni Mo'Bri & Lieutenant JG Joseph Calloway

Mission: Side Posts
Location: Engineering

JC had gotten himself lost again on the new ship and like most men, decided not to ask for directions. He stepped through another set of doors that looked like several he had previously seen and realized he was standing face to face with the warp core, the very heartbeat of the ship. Realizing he was completely in the wrong area he turned to leave when a woman caught his eye, he paused for a moment to look at the Klingon before walking towards the door.

J'Loni's head came around quickly as she sensed a new presence in her engine room. "Are you lost my good sir?", she said, walking to where he was.

"Yes ma'am I was trying to find the holodecks," JC replied quickly, "I've only been aboard a few hours, and I'm trying to figure out my way around."

"Well I tell you what, since it is time for me to take my pet to the hodeck I will walk you there, and pick up my little brat on the way", J'Loni said smiling at Lt Calloway.

"OK, lead onward ma'am, I'm Lieutenant Callowway, the new Doc onboard."

"I am the CEO, Lt. Cmdr. J'Loni Mo'Bri, but you can call me Chief or J'Loni. Welcome aboard Doc. Hope you enjoy our little ship," she said as they headed for the holodecks. "Relaxation programs or medical triage programs?" she added.

“Neither, I wanted to try some basic combat training. The XO specifically asked me if I had any experience with combat, so I’m going to go practice some self defense, like grappling to burn off some steam, Chief.”

"Well I have several combat programs that I use to syay in shape and to relax and blow steam off. Would you be interested in trying one.

“Do you have anything for a beginner? I’m not very good at the physical contact thing,” JC said.

"Sure I got plenty for the beginner", she said. Walking up to the pannel, "computer program J'Loni Alpha 1 Beginning self defence", she said. A few minutes later the computer said, "program ready. Enter when ready." "Shall we?" J'Loni said motioning towards the doors.

"OK ma'am, I will follow your lead," JC replied a bit nervously. Stepping into combat with a Klingon was not his idea of fun on his first day aboard the Lantau. He wiped his sweaty palms on his pants when an odd thought struck him, it was from one of training films back in the Academy. "Im a Doctor Jim, not a fighter," he said out loud as he waited to see what the Engineer had in store.

J'Loni entered first, it was her basic training program of her klingon training camp. "Here we go...this is the basic program I use to teach the basic hand to hand combat. It is relative easy to do. Computer begin program", she said. Immediately two klingons appeared with knives in hand. "Doc you take the one on the left, I got this one", she said and grappled with her quarry.

JC watched Klingon warily for a moment before attempting a grapple. He grabbed at the forearm of the hand where the knife was held. Gripping the forearm, he dropped to his knee and tried to flip the Klingon over his shoulder. The Hologram Klingon laughed and kicked him in the butt and knocked him rolling a few feet across the floor. "Damn," JC said as he stood up. He lowered into a crouch and sized up his opponent before attempting another move.

J'Loni laughed as she saw the poor doctor land on his pride! "That's the spirit Doc......get back up and try another move. Fake him out....go for his knees," she said watching him. As he made his move, J'Loni moved to intercept the new warrior that had appeared with a bat'leth. Had she not intercepted this warrior the doctor would have two to tackle and not just one. Finally taking the warrior out, J'Loni turned her attention back to the doctor.

JC struggled but was eventually able to get on the Klingon's back and bring him down with a sleeper hold. Turning to J'Loni, he said breathless, "That was beginner? I'd hate to see expert."

J'Loni smiled and looked at JC, "Well next time we can do the next level. You look like you need either a drink or a nap, judging by tour breathing and tired look. I think you have had enough for today. I know I have...," J'Loni said laughing.

"Thanks for the training J'Loni, maybe we can try again another time," JC said politely though he was aching and hurting. He had no intention of training with her again.

"I have a better idea next time we could possibly do something different, maybe a walk and a picnic in the holodeck", she offered. J'Loni wanted to make ammends for nearly killing the new doctor.

"A walk would be nice, we will have to plan one in the future. Unfortunately now I need to head back to the office and get some work done," JC said before continuing, "This was fun but a little intense. Thank you Lieutenant Commander."


Lt. Cmdr. J'Loni Mo'Bri
Chief Engineering Officer/2XO
USS Lantau

Lt. Jg. Joseph Calloway
Chief Medical Officer
USS Lantau


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